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Robust, Easy-to-Use Certification Tracking Software

Maintaining current credentials is a critical factor inensuring compliance. ToolKitX Certification Management makes your process simple with a central repository and secure access for organizing certificates for their whole life cycles.

ToolKitX Certification Management offers a reliable solution to assess risk exposure and certification compliance.

  • Manage, track and report on employee training, licenses and professional development of employees.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements, regulations and contractual obligations.
  • Quickly and accurately provide and verify validity of certification for all stakeholders, vendors and suppliers.
  • Communicate status of certifications to involved parties including employees, managers, legal, HR and HSEQ.

Product Features

Audit Ready

Preparing a successful audit is getting more efficient by accessing a single source of information for all certifications, trainings and related documents. Track regulatory compliance requirements against internal execution for a complete review of overall performance of learning and compliance.

Increase Accountability

Create goals and uniform standards across job descriptions and roles to ensure full compliance and accountability throughout the organization.

Improve Quality

Automatically safeguard validity of any certifications with automatic reminders and email notifications. Improve data quality and keep information of employees, contractors, equipment and vehicles up to date. Never worry about expired certifications or trainings again.

Track Multiple Companies and Locations

Separate data by company, region, location and further selection criteria to manage any certifications and trainings of your workforce.

Approval Workflows

Easily monitor and reviewany changes made in the system with an approval dashboard where changes can be reviewed, approved or rejected.

Mobile Readiness

From any mobile device access your data, run reports, assign or update information. This includes uploading and downloading documents from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop while at work, at home or on the go.

Track Everything

Create and categorize templates for certifications, trainings, credentials, medical records, tests, calibrations, licenses and more.

Expiration Reminders

Automatic notifications are generated and sent to your staff, management team and HR teams for any documents that are going to expire soon.

E-signature System

Electronically create, prepare, send, and manage documents to be electronically signed.

Compliance Rules & Collections

Create actionable compliance rules and instantly monitor employee adherence based on job function and role. Combine and group compliance rulesinto collections where multiple rules need to be applied in parallel.

QR Code / Barcoding

Print and scan QR codes linked to your employee's certification records to be viewed in-field or on-the-job to ensure adherence. This allows for audits by simply viewing employee data without logging into the platform.

Store Documents

Upload digital copies of training and certification documents directly into the system from any desktop, tablet or camera enabled mobile phone.

Skills Matrix

Track employee skill levels to identify your front-runners, strugglers, and stragglers, using visual dashboards showcasing detailed competency levels across your enterprise.

Staff Self-Service

Give your staff the ability to upload their own records and documents via the self-service portal into the approval workflow.

Detailed Reports

Run reports such as certifications by employee or equipment, employee by certification, missing certifications, certification matrix report, and many others.

Bulk Editing

Perform bulk updates on data records to save you time and effort. Update either activation or expiration dates for all employees or specific groups of employees.

Data Import, Export and Integrations

Import data from your incumbent systems, export your data at any time into your incumbent systems and integratewith your HR or ERP applications.

Product Benefits


Full compliance of your workforce, vehicles and equipment and related certifications, credentials, and corporate trainings. Monitor certification and training status of your workforce with a mouse click.

Audit Support

Skate through your next audits and inspections knowing your training records are up-to-date and which staff are not in compliance ahead of time with the help of easy-to-use compliance rules and collections.

Reduce Cost

Avoid any delays of your projects with all your certifications valid and up to date. Simple processes and ease of use save you time and money by delivering the right information when you need it.


Ditch inefficient Excel spreadsheets, white boards or home-grown databases for a system that is built to drive efficiency in the workplace.

Real-Time Knowledge

You're busy. Don't let your certifications go unmonitored just because of your schedule. Daily alerts keep you informed in real-time, so you are able to respond accordingly without additional unnecessary information.


Staff can upload their own records which management can approve alleviating the need for them to stop by your office and interrupt your workday.

Certification Management

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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