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Our Features

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking keeps you aware of your asset locations and status information

Geo-fencing & Landmarks

Draw fences in all shape and sizes to restrict asset to a prescribed geographic region

Alarm / Alerts

The system generates an alarm if any asset reaches in a fenced zone, therefore, giving the full control over any asset

Monitor live operations

View realtime position update in the tool without any delay or manual reload

Reports / History log

Download and review report in XLS or PDF. The report includes assets, date-time, position and much more

GPS tracker

GPS-enabled device (with huge battery backup) to your asset allowing you to monitor its movements

Track Realtime GPS location

GPS tracking enables you to monitor and track any kind of moving asset - people, cars, trucks including other vehicles, helicopters, ships, containers, etc. in real-time.
In addition to this, this tool allows operators to mark a specific area and set alert ranges. The system generates an alarm if any object reaches in safety zone alert area, therefore, giving full control of any movements.

Apart from this, this tool has the following additional features:
  • Search asset
  • Movement history
  • Differentiate and filter objects by its type
  • Keep track on specific object only
  • Enable/Disable alarms
  • View alarm log history

Track Anywhere Any Time

Track anywhere from our intuitive web-interface

Control Over Your Assets

Hover the mouse pointer over the asset to look up all available details


Detect the direction and distance to where your asset

Eliminate Anxiety

Keep asset safe with real-time overviews and notifications and alerts

Get Timely Alerts

Get instant alerts when an asset reaches in a fenced zone


Set up geographic fencing around the safety zone or restricted areas

GPS asset tracker

Tracker with internal GPS/GSM active antennas and huge battery backup

GPS Tracking

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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About ToolKitX

We founded our business to bring our exceptional knowledge and experience delivering complex IT solutions to clients in the construction and facility management business. Together, our founders have over decades of experience managing projects and delivering results in the infrastructure construction and IT industry. We have worked for multiple projects in many countries and used this operational knowledge to design this platform. It is a tool made and developed by professional HSE and Quality Coordinators, Package-, Permit- and Project Managers for those facing the same challenges. Drawing from our long history of successful projects we can help you implement the right IT applications for the success of your business.