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Time Management

ToolKitX gives you all the tools you need for efficient time tracking, team collaboration, reports and billing. But there’s more to ToolKitX – it serves as an all-in-one business management solution where you can manage projects, clients, and finances. Work in any industry, ToolKitX can replace all your current tools and you’ll end up paying a lot less.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly timesheets

  • Time tracking and time billing

  • Real-time dashboards

  • Time & work reports

  • Reporting on sales performance, finances, etc.

  • GPS based time stamping (clock in and out)

  • Vacation Management

  • Project & task management

  • Highly customizable

  • Wide range of integrations available

Expense Management

ToolKitX handles your online expense management by simplifying your expenses, approvals, and reimbursements. It works for employees, managers, and travel teams.

  • Expense scan with your mobile phone

  • Expense receipt storage

  • Report Management

  • Flexible approval process

  • Expense analytics

  • Expense reimbursement

Benefits of Time and Expense Management

Effective policing

A digital system allows real-time alerts to check each and every cost that's submitted - triggering a warning whenever costs breach any set limit. Policy notifications and reminders are also delivered via on-screen notifications. You'll have full visibility of employee spend with no further risk of strange dealings.

External compliance

Webexpenses is future-proofed for a digital environment, with access to the level of accurate and detailed expense information that's not possible with a traditional and manual approach.

User experience

A fast, efficient and simple system automates the tedious tasks and changes the way that expenses are perceived within a workplace. Rather than being a dreaded task, it becomes a seamless part of everyday operations.

Management visibility

Webexpenses provides integrated reporting features which allows a finance professional to instantly access a wealth of accurate information on every aspect of an expense operation. It provides a powerful to help meet tight reporting deadlines and track performance.

Time & Expenses Management

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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About ToolKitX

We founded our business to bring our exceptional knowledge and experience delivering complex IT solutions to clients in the construction and facility management business. Together, our founders have over decades of experience managing projects and delivering results in the infrastructure construction and IT industry. We have worked for multiple projects in many countries and used this operational knowledge to design this platform. It is a tool made and developed by professional HSE and Quality Coordinators, Package-, Permit- and Project Managers for those facing the same challenges. Drawing from our long history of successful projects we can help you implement the right IT applications for the success of your business.