For Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms, projects are constantly increasing in size and scope while competition keeps margins thin. In one moment, a project that was running smoothly can be thrown off schedule and run over budget thus leaving project changes to erode any margins even further. Without comprehensive cost control, troubled construction projects can spiral out of control before anyone even recognizes a problem exists. Consequently, engineering and construction firms are faced with mounting pressure to adopt stringent project cost and earned value management processes to enable complete project transparency.

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Design and Construction Coordination

Trusted collaboration and integrated process management across the lifecycle, with fast access to insights.
  • Quickly find what you need with a single source of truth for communications, documents, processes, and models
  • Stay in control of project document management and keep processes moving, including reviews, submittals, and RFIs
  • The most connected processes and data provide insights to keep projects on track
  • For owners: project-delivery oversight, risk mitigation, easy handover
  • For delivery teams: a common environment for project delivery and controls and process standardization makes it easy for teams to work safer and faster

Integrated Project Controls

ToolKitX provides cost management and contract control across the entire supply chain.
  • Gain visibility of project performance across cost and schedule
  • Manage project changes, including scope, budget, and contingency drawdowns
  • Streamline contract change management with a single portal to manage upstream and downstream contracts
  • Proactively monitor project performance with real-time cost tracking and variance analysis framework control

Stay Connected on the Jobsite

Track and share project information, manage inspections, and access models, anywhere, anytime.
  • Real-time collaboration and control of jobsite processes with easy-to-use mobile apps
  • Fast and easy access to the latest set of drawings
  • Automate and standardize any inspection process
  • Less time on administration allows you to focus on high-value activities, including quality and prevention of safety incidents
  • All apps are integrated with Aconex, providing a single and complete project record

True Common Data Environment (CDE)

  • One platform connects teams, process, and data across the lifecycle and supply chain
  • Intuitive to learn and use
  • Neutral - all organizations are equal
  • Industry - leading security

A Fair and Neutral Platform

A universally fair and neutral platform that supports everyone on the project.
  • Each organization controls their data and what they share
  • Secure, private workspaces for each organization
  • An unalterable audit trail drives fewer disputes and faster resolution
  • Increased trust and adoption creates a single source of project truth
  • Complete information capture maximizes data and insights to optimize processes and performance

How ToolKitX makes a difference

Construction management software that’s fast to deploy, easy to configure, and up and running in days.
  • A trusted platform and rock-solid audit trail drives adoption, visibility, and a single source of truth, and minimizes disputes
  • Connected processes and data drives performance, insights, continuous learning, and control
  • Set up flexible processes based on how you work, and change as you grow
  • Secure and compliant, meeting the highest international security standards
  • Unparalleled service and support get your projects off to the best possible start and help keep them running smoothly

Permit to Work

A fully integrated permit to work solution for managers, contractors and workforce.
  • Standardized process and compliance
  • Reduced administration time
  • Minimized critical errors and reduced operational disruption
  • De-conflicts tasks
The tool provides a fully customizable workflow for requesting, reviewing, authorizing, documenting and most importantly de-conflicting any tasks that need to be carried out by frontline workers. This tool is used for work being performed in accordance with pre-approved procedures.

Human Resources Management

Our state of the art human resource management tool covers the entire workforce.
  • Staff list and all personal data
  • Shift planning and accommodation management on site
  • Certification monitoring and approvals
  • Full integration with all other modules
  • Timecards, check-in and check-out details of personnel and sub-contractors
  • Expense management and approvals
  • Full integration with mobile app
  • Online trainings and self-certifications