The digital revolution is coming to the utilities industry. Data collection and exchange are growing exponentially, creating digital threats but also valuable opportunities. The competition for customers is shifting to the online channel; the Internet of Things promises new products and management options. Entrants from the digital economy are disrupting the industrial landscape, while governments and regulatory bodies seek to encourage smarter measuring systems and greener standards for generation and consumption.

To thrive amid these challenges the utility of the future will employ a fully digital system. Consequently, today's utilities are facing digital transformation of their organization and business. Beginning with quick moves to improve efficiency and better client experience to expand the customer base the transformation gains momentum and opens digital opportunities for improving all areas of the business.

Explore Our features

Increase safety

The ToolKitX platform features integrated Permit to Work, LOTO and HSE modules that allow you to track every single mission critical activity. Monitor activities of all your workers and subcontractors in real-time, track their work progress and locations to make sure that each of them returns home safely. Send security messages to the mobile devices of your workers with our HSE module and evacuate areas by sending instant messages to all on-premise workers.

Boost Productivity

Project control at all stages just got a whole lot easier. Our platform allows your team to streamline work processes on your construction and maintenance projects by boosting productivity and quality. Get access to site safety, and schedule your tasks from one place using your desktop or mobile device.

Digitalize Every Step

Compliance documentation can build up quickly. Stop wasting time when searching for documents, underlying construction permits and environmental impact reports by using powerful metadata, keyword and content search.

QA Inspections

Improve efficiency and visibility of the commissioning process with a complete set of QA/QC controls, checklists and work procedures. Utilize digital QA Inspections that audit every piece of equipment with a mobile inspection application. O&M manuals can be created and linked to tasks, jobs, and inspections.

Secure Document Management

  • Save up to 50 percent on document processing times
  • Easily manage millions of documents and models without limits on data or participants, including any size, type, or number of files
  • Strict version control avoids errors by ensuring everyone is working off the latest documents and drawings
  • Custom workflows automate review and approval cycles, reducing complexity, improving data capture, and increasing control
  • Workflow tracking and reporting provides real-time analysis to identify bottlenecks and take action before they cause delays
  • Work packaging makes it easier to track and control processes, from design and construction to signoff and completion

HSE Management

Enables full transparency for your project allowing for real-time, fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.
  • HSE Audits – all information ready at your fingertips
  • HSE Dashboard – an instant overview with drilldown capabilities
  • Incident Management – immediate action and messaging
  • Incident Tracking – keeping all information for audits and assessments


Optimize Lockout-Tagout procedures during maintenance operations. LOTO procedures, in conjunction with a hierarchy of administrative controls that influence the way employees work, can dramatically increase worker's safety.
  • Perform a digital lockout-tagout onsite
  • Use the mobile check in-out feature
  • All systems are updated in real time

Permit to Work

A fully integrated permit to work solution for managers, contractors and workforce.
  • Standardized process and compliance
  • Reduced administration time
  • Minimized critical errors and reduced operational disruption
  • De-conflicts tasks
The tool provides a fully customizable workflow for requesting, reviewing, authorizing, documenting and most importantly de-conflicting any tasks that need to be carried out by frontline workers. This tool is used for work being performed in accordance with pre-approved procedures.

Human Resources Management

Our state of the art human resource management tool covers the entire workforce.
  • Staff list and all personal data
  • Shift planning and accommodation management on site
  • Certification monitoring and approvals
  • Full integration with all other modules
  • Timecards, check-in and check-out details of personnel and sub-contractors
  • Expense management and approvals
  • Full integration with mobile app
  • Online trainings and self-certifications